Plezure Starts Here Compilation - Laugh Your Mind Away / Weekend Behaviour

Plezure Starts here, Plezure Records, 1984
Weekend Behaviour/Laugh Your Mind Away

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  • A1  Pure Chance – Please Believe Me
  • A2  Naked Lunch – Laugh Your Mind Away
  • A3  Pleasure Unit – I Feel For You
  • A4  Kitsch (3) -Undercover Lover
  • A5  Debbie Morelli – In The Game
  • B1  Naked Lunch – Weekend Behaviour 
  • B2  Kitsch (3) – Never Again
  • B3  Debbie Morelli – Lies Of Love
  • B4  Pure Chance – C.I.A. (They Found Me Out)
  • B5  Pleasure Unit  – Robot Rock

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Make Believe/BreatheMetal dance -Slipping Again